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Hummus Party Veg

Simplicity and speed in your kitchen. A line of powdered products, 100% vegan for prepearing appetizing and coloured creams Made With chickpea flour. It is necessary to rehydrate them for preparing appetizing and coloured creams made with chickpea flour. All mix are vegan and Allergen free (they do not contain sesame) Ready in very few minutes, it can be savoured with spoon, spread on bread and it is perfect for vegetable pinzimonio.


Creamy and savoury

  • Veg Hummus Original Mix
  • Veg Hummus Pumpkin & Amaretto Mix
  • Veg Hummus Pesto Mix
  • Veg Hummus Flavors of the South Mix
  • Veg Hummus Sicily Blend Mix
  • Veg Hummus Lemon Zest Mix
  • Veg Hummus Lemon & Ginger Mix
  • Veg Hummus Truffle Mix

1 bag + water + oil